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The 3 Day Diet - Only 978 Calories a Day!

"The 3 day diet" - the name alone is very appealing for anyone who needs to lose 5 pounds fast in order to get into those designer jeans this weekend.

But what the heck is the 3 day diet, anyway? And with so few calories, is it really safe?

I thought it would be interesting to put a menu from the old grapefruit diet next to one day's menu from the 3 day diet. The 3 day diet has only one piece of grapefruit instead of three, much less meat and fat - and then look closely. Is that really 1 cup of vanilla ice cream??

Both diets have plenty of stimulants, (not necessarily a good thing for your health), in the form of caffeine, but only the 3 day diet includes any sugar or sugar substitute. Both are lower in calories than the average American diet, but the 3 day diet has only 978 calories.

According to John P. Foreyt, Ph.D, a leading expert on obesity and weight loss, a 150 pound person will maintain his or her weight while eating 2,250 calories a day. Other sources put the number needed to maintain your weight at around 1,800. If the individual would like to lose weight safely, she can reduce her normal intake by 300 calories a day, and increase her physical activity to burn an extra 200 pounds a day. This allows a 1 pound a week drop in weight without any adverse side effects.

So what happens when one reduces the calorie intake all the way to 978 a day? According to the National Institute of Health, a diet isn't considered a "Very Low-Calorie Diet" or VLCD until it goes down below 800 calories. A true VLCD is actually a meal-replacement regimen for severely obese individuals who are under the direct supervision of a physician. The side effects for this type of "crisis intervention" for people who's weight has become life-threatening, can include fatigue, constipation, nausea, and diarrhea, and gallstones.

Grapefruit ("mayo clinic") diet

1/2 grapefruit or 8oz unsweetened juice.(39)
2 Eggs any style (158)
2 Slices of bacon (284)
Black coffee or tea, no sugar (0)

1/2 grapefruit or 8oz unsweetened juice.(39)
Salad and or raw veggies (any dressing, not low fat or fat free) (150)
Meat (Cooked any way) (298)

1/2 grapefruit or 8oz unsweetened juice.(39)
Meat (cooked any way) (200)
Vegetables (any green or red, may be cooked in butter or Seasoning or a salad as above) (150)
Black coffee or tea, no sugar (0)

(opt) 8oz Tomato juice or skim milk (41)




3 day diet

Grapefruit or Juice (39)
1 Toast (65) with 1 Tbsp. Peanut Butter (95)
Black Coffee or Tea w/1-2 packets of Sweet & Low or Equal (0)

1/2 Cup of Tuna (115)
1 Toast (65)
Black Coffee or Tea w/1-2 packets of Sweet & Low or Equal (0)

3 Oz. any lean meat or chicken (142)
1 cup green beans (36)
1 cup carrots (70)
1 apple (81)
1 cup regular vanilla ice cream (270)



Because the 3 day diet is so low in calories (well below safe levels), it would not be advisable to begin this diet without discussing it with your doctor, even if you believe that you are healthy and fit. Your doctor is sure to recommend a safer, more balanced diet - certainly one that replaces that ice cream with healthy food that your body actually needs.

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